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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Appointment At Embassy This Morning

Yesterday we finally got to walk around Kiev. It was still raining, but with the purchase of umbrellas we decided to give it a try. We dd our own walking tour and it only rained on us 3 times during it. The rest of the time the sun was actually shining.

The pictures above are from a train at the bottom of a hill that take you to the top of the hill for a total of 25 cents US. It was a fun little ride. We walked over to the famous Kiev Arch, Mikhailivsky Cathedral, St. Sophie's Church and back to the apartment just steps away from their version of Time Square.

At St. Sophie's Church, they have a large bell tower you can climb up so we did. Karina didn't quite make it to the top. She got scared and ended up staying in the middle. I don't blame her it was a bit scarey for me also.

Yesterday was Ukraine's Constitution Day so the Embassy was closed. Today, however, we have a full day of medical exams, Embassy interviews, and then waiting around for Karina's passport.

Faithfully, I already purchased our return tickets for tomorrow because with 4th of July approaching, airfare was becoming unreasonable and the flights were filling up quickly. We were able to get tickets but our seats are all over the plane. I am praying that I will be able to communicate with the airline personnel enough to have them correct this problem at the airport. I am sure they would not split up children and a parent if at all possible.

We are in count down mode right now. The kids, including Karina, can not wait to come home. Please continue to pray that all goes well today at the Embassy and the airport with our seats.

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